Prof. Dr. Fatmir MEMAJ – Executive Director of ASET

Albana IDERSHAI – Director of Economic Development Program

Migena MUSALLARI – Project Coordinator

Petrit DOLLANI – Director of Public Administration Reform and EU Integration Program

Elsa GEGA – Director of Social Development Program

Maqo STRATOBERDHA – Coordinator of Economic Development Program

Edlira Martiri – IT Expert

Gerti Dragoshi – Coordinator of Public Administration Reform and EU Integration Program

Dritan MONKA – Coordinator of Social Development Program

Prof. Dr. Fatmir MEMAJ, Executive Director

Mr. Fatmir Memaj has graduated Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana in 1985. His is Doctor in economy (1996), Associated Professor (2001) and Professor (2007). Since 1985 has is teaching at Statistics Department of Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Tirana and strongly collaborate with Agriculture University of Kamza, University of Vlora, University of Korça, and University of Shkodra etc. From 2003 he is Deputy Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Tirana. During 1992-1993 has been Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Albania for economic affairs. From 2002-2004 has been adviser of Minister of Agriculture. He has been member of the Board of Saving Bank of Albania from 1998-1999 and has worked at different companies as a specialist and consultant for Albanian companies like: “TOENA”, “Albpetrol”, “Salt co.”, “ARMO” and for foreign companies like:  “Walsh Environmental Scientists and Engineers” (a USA company), “IC Consulent” (Austrian company),  and for Greek Consultancy company “HYPODOMY”.

Until 2008, Mr. Memaj was the editor of the magazine “Economy & Business” (published by Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana) and has published in his career different text books, studies, articles and monographs in Albanian press and abroad.

Mr. Memaj has implemented and coordinated more than 40 projects for different donors and clients before he became President of ASET in December 2002. During this period he has been Team Leader of more than 50 projects that ASET has implemented until now.

Albana IDERSHAI, Director of Economic Development Program

Albana Idershai holds a Degree in Mathematics from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, and a Degree in Finance from the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. She has a long experience in the statistics sector working as expert for statistics at Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) and for the Ministry of Justice. She has been co-author and coordinator for the publications “Statistical Bulletin 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005” published by the Ministry of Justice. Before joining ASET in December 2007, she has been involved in different research projects and worked as trainer for different training programs. Idershai’s research focus is data analysis, statistics, market.

Petrit DOLLANI, Director of Public Administration Reform and EU Integration Program

Petrit Dollani graduated the Warsaw School of Economics in 2000 with a M.Sc. degree on Finance and Banking. After graduation, he worked for several years at Peugeot subsidiary in Poland. Mr. Dollani started the academic career in 2004 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana (Albania). Since 2009, Mr. Dollani holds a Ph.D. degree in Public Administration. His doctoral thesis discussed the issue of performance measurement in public organizations and presented a research about the possible implementation of a Balance Scorecard model for local governance institutions. Mr. Dollani has been an active participant in several projects, since 2006, related to universities’ autonomy and governance improvement in Albania, supported by Sorros Foundation. Mr. Dollani is also an expert of the Albanian Public Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions, since 2010.

Elsa GEGA, Director of Social Development Program

She has studied at the University “Aleksander Xhuvani” Faculty of Economic for Business Management and the Master and Doctorate in Faculty of Economics in Tirana University. Since 10/2006 she is a lecturer in “Aleksander Xhuvani” University Fakultety of Economic and lecturer part time in Faculty of Economics in Tirana University. She has join ASET staff on March 2011. Personal skills like strong teamwork approach, and capable of working independently Ethic proven through collaborative working in cross-cultural teams. Good strategic planning, ability to work to results and deadlines. Resourcefulness and showing personal initiative .Flexible attitude to work and readiness to travel as required. Tact and diplomacy for establishing and maintaining good relations with field partners.

Maqo STRATOBERDHA, Coordinator of Economic Development Program

Mr.Stratoberdha has a rich experience in issues regarding insurance, banking and financial mediation, working in these fields for more than 15 years. During the time at ASET, he has been engaged in many projects financed by foreign donors, working as trainer, consultant or project manager.

Edlira MARTIRI, IT Expert

Edlira Martiri holds a Doctor Degree in Information Systems earned from Faculty of Economy, UT. She also finished the Master degree for Computer Science. She actually works at the Faculty of Economy, as lecturer of Applied Informatics.

Mrs. Martiri has an intensive experience in the field of IT. She has been involved in different projects and also worked as programmer, network administrator and system designer in different companies. These years working in the academia she has also been involved in different activities regarding scientific research.

Dritan MONKA, Coordinator of Social Development Program

Mr. Monka, prior to join ASET, worked as chairman of marketing branch at Albtelecom sh.a. (from 1999 to 2001 at Prepaid Cardphone Services). From 2002 until 2006 he worked as Private Sector Development Sub-Program Manager at Mountain Areas Development Agency, Tirana. For about two years, during 2006 and 2007, Mr. Monka worked in banking sector, as Market Researcher and Development expert at Credins Bank and SME crediting expert at Opportunity Albania. Actually Mr. Monka is working as Proposition Product Manager at Vodafone Albania.

Mr. Monka possesses a long experience in Management and Marketing issues from different qualifications and training programs in Finland, Germany, UK, Malaysia etc. He also holds significant previous experiences in rural development and local government decentralization and SME-s Quality Improvement as well as in other related sectors. He has good expertise in fix and mobile telecommunication market of Albania. Mr. Monka holds Business Administration degree from Economic Faculty of Tirana University from 1998 and he has conducted Post Graduation Studies in Agribusiness Management, at Scottish Agricultural College, Aberdeen, UK in 2003.

Ola CAMI, Research Project Assistant (Internship)

Ms. Cami has been involved as research project assistant for the time period: May 2011 – May 2012.