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ASET ka hapur thirrjet e meposhtme për zonat Tropoje, Bajram Curri, Valbonë:


1. Kerkese për ofertë për hotel

2. Thirrje për ekspert vendor

3. Thirrje për përkthyes të guidës



Does it matter?

It matters to the policymaker, who lacks the time to give serious reflection to long-term trends that will shape Albania’s choices for the future; it matters to the media, who miss the expertise to make sense of complex developments in economic and social development; it matters to the educator, who needs informed preparation to teach the next generation (and to the students, who represent the next generation of Albanian leadership); and it matters to the public, whose children will be live the future and whose taxes will pay the bills. A nation must think before it acts and that is where ASET makes its mark.


Recent Publications


ASET released the first issues
of the

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of Science, Innovation and New Technology

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Recent Projects


The main aim of this project has been the realization of roundtables and the compilation of study regarding the e-Government potential for Albania in order to stimulate the awareness of governmental and public institutions about his transforming potential and about the importance of using it.

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